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The Stockholm Dual Career Network (SDCN) serves as a network for spouses and partners of international expat talent in Stockholm. We are a community of over 500+ members that inspires, mentors and connects. Founded in 2015, our mission is to give our members access to all the tools, resources, and expertise to help them settle successfully into their new lives in Stockholm. Whether that’s professional career advice or building a new social network: the SDCN supports spouses and partners of expats in Stockholm in making new connections and broadening their horizons.

The SDCN is run by Stockholm Academic Forum, assisted by our team of volunteer members: the SDCN Management Team. Our network has affiliate partners in both academia and commerce, including leading names in Stockholm’s tech industry, such as Spotify, iZettle, King, and more. You can read our full story on how, why, and when the SDCN was founded here (coming soon).

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We organize frequent social and professional events, supporting SDCN members in finding their feet in Stockholm. Examples are our weekly Say-it-in-Swedish Group, which encourages members to practice their language skills in a non-intimidating setting, and our weekly Career Support Group, where members can receive advice and support pursuing job opportunities in Stockholm. From giving career guidance to acting as a social support network: the SDCN can make a real difference in all aspects of your new life in Sweden’s capital.

If you’re the spouse or partner of an employee at one of our affiliated organizations, you can sign up for free as a member today – receiving instant access to our events, resources, and expertise!

If you’re a company interested in setting up an affiliation with the SDCN, contact us for more information about the many benefits of teaming up with this leading network for expat spouses and partners. Let’s connect soon!

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