And the Winner is … Lili Wang, International SDCN Talent of 2018!

And the Winner is … Lili Wang, International SDCN Talent of 2018!

December 4, 2018
four faces nominees to SDCN award 2018

Congratulations to Lili Wang (bottom right in picture), who received the first International SDCN Talent Award, from the hands of Lars Strannegård, President of the Stockholm School of Economics, and Maria Fogelström Kylberg, Staf’s CEO, at the 2018 reception for International Researchers in Stockholm at the City Hall on December 3rd.

This award recognizes Lili’s success in her professional development in Stockholm and her active role with SDCN:

Lili Wang from China has brought her dry sense of humor, her contagious energy, and her unconventional style to SDCN, where she has been “the soul of the Intelligence team”. Lili always comes up with new and creative thinking to further develop the network. She embraces new ideas, seemingly without fear, and can be relied on both to take initiatives and to see projects through. Her expertise in SAP technologies enabled her to find a job at Klarna as SAP Basis Manager. Lili is also a real head hunter within Klarna where she looks out for new talents to recruit from SDCN. When she started her job she actually negotiated with her employer the possibility to take time off when needed to remain an active member of the SDCN Management Team. We couldn’t be more grateful.

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