Congratulations Lenny!

Congratulations Lenny!

June 28, 2018

Lenny Melziade joined SDCN when she was still in Italy! Her partner working at Stockholm University received an e-mail from his department with useful links about moving to Sweden. SDCN was mentioned, so Lenny applied to become a member right the way! She joined the Career Support Group for the first time three weeks after arriving in Stockholm, in January 2018.

Lenny has a bachelor degree in Scandinavian Languages and English. She also studied Swedish as a second language at Komvux. In Italy, she worked as a receptionist and office manager, as well as web and social media manager.

As multi-talented as she is (we all saw her comic illustration drawing at Språkcafe!), Lenny now teaches Italian at Folkuniversitet, ABF and Medborgarskolan. She was also scouted to work for Semla Travel that specialized in organizing travels for scandinavians who wants to discover Italy.

Be active! Do not focus on looking for a job only, but try to find something that can keep you entertained and detached from the stressful job search. In addition, the SDCN activities are an excellent opportunity, whenever I talked about the group to recruiters or friends they were fascinated, so do not miss the chance of learning the language, networking, having professional advice and most of all, good time with nice people! – Lenny

We are so happy to be part of your Stockholm journey!

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