Guidance hour
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Book an appointment

Book an appointment by sending an email to info@sdcn.se. Make sure to indicate what specific questions or problems you would like help with. For professional questions, please also send us your cv. We will get back to you shortly with an appointment.

Book an appointment

New in Stockholm? Confused? Excited? Frustrated?

We know it may be difficult to integrate into a new place, and we also know the challenges you face may be different from other SDCN members. That is why we offer you a free, personalized “guidance hour” session to help make your life in Stockholm easier.

We will do our best to answer your questions– from dealing with Swedish administrations to entering the job market here – and put you in touch with Swedish contacts.

Typically, you will meet with a team of two people: someone from SDCN – who has experience walking this path and knows what is useful, or not so much, for newcomers – and someone from Staf – who is familiar with Swedish institutions and can get information from Swedish sources.