A-kassa, Salary & Insurance: Know the Swedish Labour Market

The Swedish labour market is defined by “the Swedish Model” – an interaction between legislation and collective agreements in which the conditions in each sector are determined by the trade unions and employer organisations. Sweden has a long tradition of trade unions, and being member of a union is not only completely normal but also often a big advantage for an employee.

In this session, you will be given an overview of the Swedish labour market, how it works and what might be good ways of entering it. We will cover topics such as A-kassa (the unemployment insurance fund), how to choose which union to be a part of, things to be aware of before signing your employment contract, and some of the rights you have as an employee in Sweden.

About the speaker:

Jenny Grensman works as international secretary at the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. She mostly coordinates the engineers’ international activities but also handles questions concerning codetermination in multinational companies, the future world of work, and digitalization.

There will be a Q&A session, so come prepared with all the questions you have about this topic!


This event will be held at the office.

Address: Stockholms Akademiska Forum Narvavägen 30, 1st floor (closest metro station is Karlaplan) Press the button that says ‘Stockholms Akademiska Forum’ at the main entrance of the building, and we will open the door for you.

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Event details:

7 December 2022

14.00– 15.30

Narvavägen 30

Career development

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