SDCN Spring 2022 Kick-off!

Do you have questions about living and working in Stockholm? Maybe you have been here for a while, but the city hasn’t really ‘clicked’ with you.

Or perhaps, you have just arrived in Stockholm and are unsure about how to start going about networking, learning Swedish and kickstarting your career here.

These are the usual issues that we address here at SDCN on an ongoing basis, but the annual SDCN Spring Kick-off is a good place to start!

At the SDCN Spring Kick-off, our panel of experienced SDCN members who have been in your shoes, will share their own stories of what it was like for them to be newcomers in Stockholm, how they settled down, and how they overcame social and professional bottlenecks to find work and make friends.

At the Spring Kick-off, you will get a chance to:

  • Get an introduction to SDCN – who we are and what we do
  • Learn from experienced SDCN members on how they overcame the challenges of integrating into Swedish social and professional life
  • Ask questions about how things work in Sweden
  • Meet and connect with other SDCN members

Event outline:

  • Introduction to SDCN
  • Panel discussion with experienced SDCN members
  • Open Q&A session on topics that you would like to know more about


Frithjof Stöppler is an Educator in Project Management at Stockholm University. He has a diverse experience from both private and public sectors in IT, Human Resources, academic research, and academic management. A polyglot par excellence, Frithjof has also been freelancing as a translator for over 10 years.

Frithjof is an Honorary SDCN Member and has been with the network right from the beginning – not to mention his tenure as the President of the SDCN Management Team for three and a half years. A complete people’s person, Frithjof touched numerous lives during his stewardship of SDCN and continues to be an important part of the network.

Swetha Dua is a program manager working at Avanade. She has 15 years of experience in delivering projects and IT services in telecom, energy and utilities, travel and hospitality, and public sectors.

Swetha is passionate about leading and motivating cross-functional, distributed teams and has worked in large-scale implementation projects. Prior to moving to Stockholm, she volunteered regularly with various NGOs in multiple Indian cities. She was the winner of the 2021 SDCN International Talent of the Year Award.

This event will be held online on Zoom. Please register no later than 09.00 the same day as the event. A link to the Zoom meeting will be sent to your email before the event starts (remember to check your spam folder).

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Event details:

19 January 2022

13:00– 16:00

Online on Zoom

Social event

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