Swedish Business Culture: Formal and Informal Codes

Every country has its own set of formal and informal codes, and Sweden is of course not an exception. In addition to informal codes, Sweden stands out in aspects such as equality, accessibility and work environment regulations. Being familiar with these codes is important when getting to know the place that you have moved to, making friends with locals and getting used to a new work and social culture – and can be crucial for landing a job!

This session at SDCN will be a combination of theoretical reflections and hands-on exercises about Swedish business culture.

About the speaker:

Elisabeth Ericson is an experienced communication adviser, speaker, and moderator who helps individuals, companies, and organisations to improve their communication skills. Elisabeth has given several talks for SDCN in the past and is always very generous with her vast network of contacts in Stockholm.


During the session, participants will get the opportunity to write a ‘personal ad’ about a job or internship possibilities under Elisabeth’s instructions which she will share with selected professionals in her network.

The event will be held at the Stockholms Akademiska Forum office, at Narvavägen 30.


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Event details:

27 October 2021

13:00– 16:00

Narvavägen 30

Career development

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