Swedish Winter Traditions

How does a Swede celebrate winter?

You would probably agree that the winter days getting progressively darker in Stockholm, certainly warrants letting in a bit of light and cheerful warmth in your life! So, how does a Swede celebrate winter and what are the typical Swedish things to do during this time of the year?

When are you allowed to put up the adventsljustake in the window and when should you take it down? What’s a jultomte? What do skyltsöndag, lussekatt and dopp i grytan mean – and where does Donald Duck fit in it all?

Brought to you by the Swedes at Stockholm Academic Forum (Maria, Brita, Martin and Sophia), you will find the answers to all those questions at this event and much more! They will tell you all about the food, music, and cultural traditions of the Swedish winter over this fun, informative session.

Photo credits: OTW/imagebank.sweden.se


This event has a limit of 25 places (first come, first served). The event will take place at Stockholms Akademiska Forum, Narvavägen 30.

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Event details:

24 November 2021

13.30– 15.00

Narvavägen 30

Swedish culture

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