In-house Recruitment with iZettle


In-house Recruitment with iZettle

May 2, 2019

The participants from SDCN had a fruitful afternoon at the headquarters of iZettle on Monday, April 29, where they were given an in-depth look into the company’s recruitment process. The speaker, Guenda Malinverni, started off with a brief introduction to the various kinds of work done by iZettle and the vision of the organisation which informed the way they assessed potential candidates for recruitment.

The session was divided into two parts – the values and behaviours evaluated by iZettle while employing a resource, and aspects that candidates ought to keep in mind at different stages of the recruitment process, were discussed in the first part; in the second part, a panel of three iZettle employees talked about their own experiences of applying for and subsequently working at the company.

What made this event stand out was the inclusive, lively discussion that was facilitated throughout both the sessions, where SDCN members asked the speakers a litany of questions which led to engaging and informative conversations on a variety of issues. Last but certainly not least, the generous fika that was spread out for the participants ensured that everything went extra smoothly!

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