Is it vital for you to retain your international recruits? Then make sure to care for the accompanying partner! 

Attracting – and retaining – international talent is a challenge faced by many organizations in Stockholm. Expatriate workers often report that concerns about the welfare of their partners and families play a significant role in their decision to move to Stockholm, and then, the longevity of their stay.

Valuable employees choosing to leave Stockholm not only has an adverse financial effect, but this also registers as an emotional lapse, for companies to have fallen short of providing a good overall life situation for the employees and their families. In the long run of course, this has a negative impact on the employer brand and for future possibilities to recruit international talent.


81%* of international expats in Stockholm report that if their partner can’t find employment in Stockholm, it will be a direct reason to leave.

*based on a poll by SDCN amongst internationally-recruited talent in Stockholm.

By joining Stockholm Dual Career Network (SDCN), employers can make themselves even more attractive to international recruits by offering their employees’ partners access to a professional and social network that will help the couple or the family to settle, thrive – and stay – in Stockholm. So, you ensure employee retention by enabling two careers.

Expat partners of employees at our affiliated organizations tend to be highly accomplished professionals who are eager to pursue a career of their own in Stockholm. By offering career guidance and personal advice, SDCN facilitates a successful transition to the Swedish job market.

At SDCN, we also understand that the social dimension of a person’s life is just as important as their professional development. Through different social activities, SDCN members can meet other expats in situations similar to theirs, and share tips and experiences. This gives an excellent opportunity to build a social network of their own in Stockholm, independent of their partner’s social circle.

Member testimonials


"I got fresh perspectives on how to apply for jobs and learned how approach employers in an effective way. I got personal guidance and feedback on my CV and cover letters in the weekly Career Support Group. I encourage you to go to events, join professional forums, and talk to people about your job search. That’s one of the great tips I got at SDCN, and that’s what got me my current job in Stockholm. Last but not least, SDCN became like a family to me."

Eugen Azcoaga, UX design consultant, Valtech

SDCN helped me to "tune in" my CV to Swedish viewers. My CV was tailored for the US, where you have a very different approach than here. It was also very important to meet new people and network. I still hang out with friends I made during SDCN activities. In my opinion, the SDCN team does an amazing job. It made a big difference!

Juliana Ortlieb Luz, Project Manager, Engineering Consulting Firm

"I believe that being a member of  SDCN's management team was what helped me the most, by gaining experience in working within a Swedish setting. It was important to be able to refer to this experience when looking for opportunities in Stockholm."

Theodoros Kolonas, Wind and Turbine Performance engineer, OX2 Wind
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