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By signing up, you can attend any SDCN event, are invited to exclusive career training and workshops, can sign up for our Swedish courses, and more! The best part? The SDCN Membership is completely free of charge for you, the only condition is that your partner’s employer is part of our affiliate program. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up as a member today and let’s connect soon!

FAQ membership

Membership of SDCN is available to all the partners and spouses of talent employed by our affiliated organizations. If your partner is employed by one of the following companies, institutions, or universities, you are automatically eligible to become an SDCN member:

ASSA ABLOY Karolinska Institutet logo KTH logo Spotify's green logotype Stockholm School of Economics logo Stockholm University logo Södertörn University logo FHS logo

All 18 universities in Stockholm are part of SDCN through Stockholm Academic Forum, Staf.

Temporary membership offer!


Because of the current exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus, we will temporarily open up Stockholm Dual Career Network for individual membership. That means that expats who have moved to Stockholm with a partner who got a job here can become SDCN members on their own, regardless of whether his or her partner’s employer is affiliated with SDCN or not. The Individual SDCN Membership cost 2000 SEK. This membership will be valid for the rest of 2020.

No, membership of SDCN is exclusive to partners and spouses of employees working at our affiliated organizations. That said, the SDCN is a fast-growing community, adding new affiliate partners to our network frequently, so we recommend you keep an eye on our website for any updates about affiliated organizations.

Yes, the moment your partner has signed his/her contract with an affiliated organization, you’re eligible for SDCN membership. We actively encourage new members to sign up as soon as possible, as connecting with us and other SDCN members through our different channels can provide useful answers to any relocation questions.

Membership of the SDCN is completely free, providing your partner works at one of our affiliate organizations. There are no costs in signing up, no fees to cancel membership, and no recurring charge to be a member. Additionally, all our professional events, Career Support Group, Say-it-in-Swedish Group, language lessons, Monthly Fika, and exclusive career events at affiliated organizations are free of charge.

Disclaimer: as the SDCN is a non-profit organization, some of our social events, such as bowling, museum tours, or a comedy club visit, do require you to pay for your entry fee and/or food and drinks. That said, any of the initial costs will be communicated before the event, and it’s completely up to you whether you want to join.

As a new member, here are some of the exciting benefits you receive:

  • Attendance at our weekly Career Support Group
  • Swedish language lessons and access to our weekly Say-it-in-Swedish Group
  • An invitation to our Monthly Fika where you can meet and socialize with other members
  • Exclusive access to specialized career events and workshops, such as ‘How to Tweak Your Job Application to the Swedish Market’
  • Access to our online library of resources about relocating to Stockholm, including info on finding work, taxes, healthcare, social benefits, insurances, child care, etc.
  • And more!

No, as your member of SDCN you’re not obligated to anything. However, we do actively encourage members to attend events, as these will help you broaden your professional and social network, and can connect you to like-minded members in Stockholm.

We know that taking the first step and attending an event on your own can be a bit daunting, but once you’ve made the first step and attended a meetup, you’ll soon discover that SDCN is a super positive, supportive community – ready to help you settle and thrive in your new life! We understand the challenges with moving to a new city/country, and the isolation that can be a consequence of leaving your network of friends, family, and colleagues behind. That is why we organize a wide range of events, from social to professional meet-ups, ensuring there’s a match for every preference.

Whether you want to practice your Swedish language skills in our Say-it-in-Swedish Group, need help with job opportunities in our Career Support Group, or simply want to enjoy Fika with other expats who fully understand your situation: the SDCN is there to help you connect.

The SDCN can help you pursue job opportunities in Stockholm in a variety of ways. Firstly, our members and alumni are encouraged to actively share job openings via our SDCN Facebook Group, alerting members of opportunities in Stockholm. Secondly, our online library of resources contains a wealth of information on the Swedish employment market, including materials on social benefits, setting up your own company, taxes, employment agencies, and more. Thirdly, our Career Support Group, hosted weekly, provides a co-working space where you can actively pursue job opportunities, supported by other SDCN members. This Career Support Group is the perfect way to tweak your job applications, practice for an interview, get tips on your CV, and maximize your chances of finding the right career opportunity.

Besides the above-mentioned groups and resources, the SDCN frequently hosts special career events, either at our own offices or at our affiliate partners’ locations. These career events are exclusively accessible to SDCN members and help connect you to recruiters and HR professionals in the field, boosting your visibility and providing you with helpful tips on how to (re-)establish your career in Stockholm

We’re not saying that finding the right job opportunities and (re-)establishing a career in Stockholm will be easy, but with the help and support of the SDCN community, it will be easier.

Yes, you can – providing your partner is employed at one of our affiliated organizations, institutes, and/or universities. We have over 74+ nationalities represented in the network, including Swedish nationals. Though we’re very internationally-orientated, our career support and resources in Stockholm can be just as useful for Swedish nationals.

Excited about joining SDCN and being part of our dynamic community of 500+ professionals and expats in Stockholm? You can become a member right now by submitting our online registration form (on the condition that your partner works at one of our affiliate organizations). Join us today, keep an eye on your inbox for a welcome email with more info about the SDCN, and we hope to connect with you at one of our SDCN events soon!