SDCN members get access to:

Career Support Group every Tuesday

The SDCN Career Support Group is a co-working space where you can work on your CV, applications, cover letters, LinkedIn page, etc., alongside other members. This session is headed by someone from Stockholm Academic Forum, who will be able to answer your questions about the Swedish job market, or if not, refer you to someone who can. You can also get feedback on your application materials or practise for a job interview. You can choose to come to just one session, or several.

All our Career Support Group sessions can be found in the Event calendar.

Swedish Language Café every Thursday

The SDCN Language Café is a place to learn Swedish by talking, listening and practising, with the help of our excellent language coaches from Swedish for Professionals. The SDCN Language Café is for SDCN members who would like to practise Swedish together with other members in an informal setting where the focus is on speaking without worry of making mistakes. This is an engaging experience that promises to get you talking! Just as for the Career Support Group, you can choose to come to just one session, or several.

All our Language Café sessions can be found in the Event calendar.

Career events

On a regular basis, SDCN and its affiliates offers events on different career-related topics, such as LinkedIn workshops, interview training, networking, CV and cover letter writing etc.

Our career events can be found in the Event calendar.

Social and cultural events

The SDCN Management Team of volunteers, organizes a wide range of social gatherings, for both members and their families.

Our social and cultural events can be found in the Event calendar.

Monthly Fika

Whether you just want to have a chat and make new friends, or pick the brains of SDCN members who have lived in Stockholm for a while, we’re looking forward to seeing you at our Monthly Fika that takes place on the last Thursday or Friday every month, either for general socializing or to discuss a particular topic.

Individual Guidance Hour

During an Individual Guidance Hour, you will meet someone from the Stockholm Academic Forum team. You can ask any questions you have about Sweden, where to find information, how things work, discuss your career plan, translate something that doesn’t make sense, or just have a chat – about anything really.

Read more and request an Individual Guidance Hour here.

SDCN Community on Facebook

SDCN has a Facebook group for SDCN members only – SDCN Community. In this closed group, you will find posts about upcoming events and information about different things. SDCN members also often share useful tips with one another, post job notifications, and express opinions about expat life in Stockholm.


A couple of times per month, SDCN members receive an email newsletter with the latest event updates and other useful information.

Who can become a member of SDCN?

To register as an SDCN member, your partner’s employer has to be part of our affiliate program. All the 18 universities in Stockholm are part of SDCN through Stockholm Academic Forum. In the course of 2020 and 2021, you can also join the network with an Individual SDCN Membership. Read more below.

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Temporary membership offer!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily opened up Stockholm Dual Career Network for Individual SDCN membership. That means that expats who have moved to Stockholm with a partner who got a job here can become SDCN members on their own, regardless of whether his or her partner’s employer is affiliated with SDCN or not. The membership fee is paid by the individuals themselves, please see details below.

What does the Individual SDCN Membership include?

With the Individual SDCN Membership you will get access to all SDCN events and activities, such as:

  • Career Support Group every Tuesday
  • Swedish Language Café every Thursday
  • Career events
  • Social and cultural events
  • Monthly Fika
  • Individual Guidance Hour
  • SDCN Community on Facebook
  • Newsletter with details of our events

Who can become an Individual SDCN Member?

  • Have you moved to Stockholm because your partner got a job here?
  • Is your partner employed by a company or organization in Stockholm (or in a nearby location)?
  • Are you a foreign (non-Swedish) citizen?

If you have replied ‘yes’ to all of the above, you are eligible to apply for the Individual SDCN Membership.

How much does the Individual SDCN Membership cost?

The fee for Individual SDCN Membership in 2021 is:

Individuals who join in Q1 and Q2 (January-June): 7500 SEK
Individuals who join in Q3 and Q4 (July-December): 4000 SEK

How do I apply for Individual SDCN Membership?

To apply for Individual SDCN Membership, please send the following information to Sophia Wallin at [email protected]:

  • Your name and personnummer (or your date of birth if you don’t have a Swedish personnummer)
  • Your postal address
  • The name of your partner’s company

We will then get back to you with an invoice, and instructions on how to join.

Member testimonials


"I got fresh perspectives on how to apply for jobs and learned how approach employers in an effective way. I got personal guidance and feedback on my CV and cover letters in the weekly Career Support Group. I encourage you to go to events, join professional forums, and talk to people about your job search. That’s one of the great tips I got at SDCN, and that’s what got me my current job in Stockholm. Last but not least, SDCN became like a family to me."

Eugen Azcoaga, UX design consultant, Valtech

SDCN helped me to "tune in" my CV to Swedish viewers. My CV was tailored for the US, where you have a very different approach than here. It was also very important to meet new people and network. I still hang out with friends I made during SDCN activities. In my opinion, the SDCN team does an amazing job. It made a big difference!

Juliana Ortlieb Luz, Project Manager, Engineering Consulting Firm

"I believe that being a member of  SDCN's management team was what helped me the most, by gaining experience in working within a Swedish setting. It was important to be able to refer to this experience when looking for opportunities in Stockholm."

Theodoros Kolonas, Wind and Turbine Performance engineer, OX2 Wind
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