Attract and retain international talent in Stockholm as an SDCN partner organization

Strengthen talent ROI and employer brand through a holistic career development academy and network for accompanying spouses and partners – helping them start well and settle in Stockholm.

Attracting – and retaining – international talent is a challenge faced by many organizations in Stockholm. TechSverige/Almega estimates 70 000 people will be missing from the IT sector alone in 2024.

International talent report that the welfare of their partners and families play a significant role in their decision to move to and stay in Stockholm. If your talent management strategy excludes career development for international partners, there’s a gap —  a dual career gap. SDCN is here to help.

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86%* report that it is very important to develop their own career and network independent of their partners’ employer

*based on a poll by SDCN amongst internationally-recruited talent in Stockholm.

Employees choosing to leave Stockholm not only has an adverse financial effect – leading to higher recruitment costs and project delays – but also affects the emotional wellbeing and performance of employees. In the long run, if you overlook the dual career gap, you also risk damaging your employer brand and future possibilities to recruit international talent.

By enabling two careers, you can boost employee performance and retention and contribute to your strategic business goals.


Through our unique collaboration with the city of Stockholm and its 18 universities, SDCN has supported hundreds of people starting their new life in Sweden.

Our proven methods focus on an intentional combination of:

  • tailored career tools
  • robust cultural resources
  • hospitable community

Members of SDCN tend to be highly accomplished professionals, eager to pursue a career of their own in Stockholm. By partnering with SDCN, you also gain strategic access to this talent pool already located in/relocating to Sweden.

At SDCN, we also understand that the social dimension of a person’s life is just as important as their professional development. Through different social activities, SDCN members can meet other expats in situations similar to theirs, and share tips and experiences. This gives an excellent opportunity to build a social network of their own in Stockholm, independent of their partner’s social circle.

SDCN partner organizations

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All 18 universities in Stockholm are also part of SDCN through Stockholms Academiska Forum.

Member testimonials


"I wanted to thank you and let you know how valuable it has been for me to be a part of SDCN and to have access to many such amazing platforms where all of you are consistently working towards integration and inclusion in a new country for people moving to Sweden. Thank you! "

Swetha Dua, Project Manager, Avanade

"One of the most challenging and frightening tasks was to start looking for a job in this strange country. I did not know the first thing about work etiquette, the application process, and the cover letter, which is not a requirement back home. However, SDCN helped me find my footing in this process, and I am glad to say that I found a job fairly quickly in my area.''

Laura Chavarria, Impact Data Manager, Kodiak Hub

"Arriving in a new country it is easy to feel a little disoriented. At SDCN, I found a very welcoming environment and the right people, everyone ready to help me to learn about Swedish society and the working culture of this beautiful city. ''

Enrico Puglisi, System Engineer, CLEEVEN Sc