Recruitment Event with Novare Potential


Recruitment Event with Novare Potential

April 1, 2019

Newcomers to Sweden often face an uphill task of scouting for jobs on their own, where they would be gainfully employed and their skillset optimally matched. However, according to statistics, about 70% of the jobs in Sweden are not advertised properly, and recruiters primarily rely on their personal connections while filling in these positions. This is where Novare Potential offers much-needed help in establishing a bridge between potential employees and interested employers. The attendees at the event hosted by Novare Potential at their offices on 29 March had an opportunity to know more about this organisation and the range of useful services offered by them.

The event started with a brief introduction to Novare Potential and their vision to match the appropriate professional competence with the right job, by helping applicants navigate through the choppy waters of the Swedish job market. Then the discussion moved onto how Novare Potential helps applicants address each of these issues through their unique recruitment model.

The speaker also talked about the various useful ventures undertaken by Novare Potential in collaboration with other organisations such as Sophiahemmet (programme for newly-arrived doctors and nurses), Cabonline (programme for individuals who want to start their own cab companies) and KTH (Software development Academy, which offers a free, three-month Java development course for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in programming).

The second part of the event was a speed dating-interview where we did short interviews with members of Novare, and were asked questions about our backgrounds, the kind of work we are looking for, our identifiable strengths and areas for improvement. This gave us a brief taste of what an interview for a potential position in Sweden would feel like.

Both sessions at Novare were engaging and informative. This event gave us the necessary encouragement that the process of job-hunting can be much easier if we are willing to explore the various opportunities that are on offer from helpful organisations like Novare Potential.

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