Contribute to SDCN
Contribute to SDCN2019-02-20T12:49:25+02:00

SDCN is what what our members make of it. This is certainly true for all events and activities that SDCN organises with our team, our affiliates, or Staf, our mother organization.

As an SDCN member, you are also very welcome to organise your own events and activities and offer them through the SDCN network.

If you would like to e.g. contribute a hobby workshop, teach other members a skill, organise an excursion, celebrate a special occasion together, or something else that comes to mind, please follow these steps:

  • Create a short description of the event (check www.sdcn.se/event-calendar for examples)
  • Find a suitable photo
    • Use your own
    • Use a free stock website (e.g. unsplash.com, pexels.com, stocksnap.io, pixabay.com etc)
    • Always check for copyright!
  • Find a suitable weekday, date and time
  • Secure a location for your event

Send this information to info@sdcn.se, at best as a MS-Word file or PDF.

After discussion within the team, we will get back to you in regards to your event, whether we can hold it and we’ll then advertise it on our Facebook group.

Please note that hosting member-organised events at Staf’s office is only possible for certain professional skills and similar workshops. Also, any handling of materials, locations, participant registrations and cancellations, potential fees etc. need to be taken care of by you unless the event can be hosted at Staf.

We look forward to your ideas!