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Who can become a member of SDCN?

SDCN membership is exclusively for expat partners of employees working at SDCN’s affiliated organisations. It’s free of charge and you are eligible to become a member if your partner is working at one of the following companies/organisations:

iZettle, Karolinska Institutet, King, Klarna, KMH Royal College of Music, Kognity, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Northvolt, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University, Sqore, Södertörn University, Truecaller

All 18 universities in Stockholm are part of SDCN through Stockholm Academic Forum, Staf. So if your partner works at a Staf member university, please select Staf as the affiliated organisation.

What do I have to do to become a member?

You have to register for membership in our form here. And that’s it. There is no login or user account to set up.

SDCN activities

Career development

Learn Swedish

Social events

As an SDCN member you get access to:

Professional development workshops, Swedish language courses, Career support group, Recruitment events, Our Talent database, Personal guidance hour, Local cultural visits, Swedish språkcafé, Networking events, Social gatherings, Family activities

Getting started with SDCN

SDCN events are displayed in our Event Calendar. Be sure to check it out every now and then! It’s where we are posting all our upcoming events.

About SDCN events 
  • Typically, you’ll have to register for an event. There are usually a limited number of places and it’s first come, first served
  • Some SDCN events are regular (Career Support Group and Swedish Språkcafé for instance) and needs no registration (you must be a registered SDCN member though). Just show up!:)
  • Most SDCN events and activities takes place at the Stockholm Academic Forum offices. But some are not. Location is always specified in event description.​

SDCN has a great Facebook group. If you haven’t already, send a request to join the group. SDCN is posting all important network info and event updates in the Facebook group. Also in the Facebook group, members support each other and share know-how about Stockholm things. Join us on LinkedIn and establish your professional networking in Stockholm from here, a lot of SDCN members already do.

As a registered member you will receive our newsletter. Please do read them once in a while (everybody loves newsletters!) and get updated, reminded and inspired and click on something interesting that may turnout to be the best move in your career.

Please check your SPAM folder regulary. SDCN info goes there sometimes.

Applications to SDCN Management Team

SDCN is run by Stockholm Academic Forum, Staf, in partnership with a team of volunteer members – the SDCN Management Team. SDCN’s strategic direction and content are developed together with the SDCN Advisory Board. If you would like to be more involved in the SDCN network, you are welcome to apply to become part of the Management Team. We are frequently looking for new team members. Send your application with a motivational letter and CV to info@sdcn.se

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