SDCN Spring Kick-off

SDCN Spring Kick-off

January 23, 2019

Another year has just started at SDCN with an exciting Spring Kick-off. The event was packed with new energy and motivation we received from our alumni, members, new and old, and their experiences that made us think how we should lay our paths through the Swedish job market. It was an evening full of support and great advice for the members and from the members. Also, let’s not forget the delicious fika we all had together.

It was Eugen, Lenny, Ezgi, and Lili, who took time from their busy schedule to throw some light on how to prepare yourself for the challenges our members face in their respective job search. The discussion revolved around how being active, attending events, making small yet significant conversation and asking recruiters out for fika once in a while can make your professional attempts a little easier here in Stockholm. Also, members shared their experiences and thoughts on fighting against rejections, not looking too desperate and turning the problems one faces into a learning experience. It was an evening well spent with people sailing in similar boats, illuminating our thoughts and redefining our goals for this journey as expats.

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