Swedish Culture and Behavior with Northvolt

Swedish Culture and Behavior with Northvolt

February 13, 2019

Being unfamiliar with the unwritten rules of your new home can lead to frustration and possible misunderstandings both in everyday situations and the work environment.

During an interesting and informative morning at Northvolt premises, intercultural coach and Swedish teacher, Nina Mumm, talked to SDCN members about cultural and behavioral subtleties that newcomers to Sweden should keep in mind. The presentation was divided into three main parts: Swedish cultures; values and behavior; and workplace challenges. Members had the chance to learn more about Swedish festivals and celebrations, such as Fettisdagen, Våffeldagen, Kanelbullensdag, midsummer and Lucia Day, as well as Swedish behaviors and values, such as  the concepts of lagom, fika, and the law of Jante, among others. However, the main focus of the seminar was on workplace challenges and how to deal with them. Our members also benefited from a Q&A session with Nina.


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