Management team

The SDCN Management Team is volunteer-based and consists of a number of dedicated international professionals who are SDCN members themselves. Their main responsibility is to initiate social activities for the SDCN community and to contribute to the overall strategy and development of the network. The team members are recruited by Stockholm Academic Forum. Open positions are advertised on the SDCN website.

Melis Aktas


Affiliation: Karolinska Institutet

Melis has a Bachelor in Psychological Science from Deakin University, Australia and a Master in Clinical Psychology for Individuals & Organisations from Bergamo University, Italy. During her postgraduate degree, she worked as a research assistant for a multi-site project exploring the dynamics of intimate intercultural relationships. Prior to moving to Stockholm, Melis also worked as an enthusiastic language teacher for 3 years and helped a wide range of students reach their academic and/or professional goals. 

Christos Stefanidis

Team member

Affiliation: Northvolt

Christos is Sales Communications and people development professional, with over ten years experience of working with and through people and business to get results. Both operationally and wholesale and retail and strategically with management. Christos uses his background in adult education and business management to harness what clients want and need, and has a resilient nature enabling him to adapt to new surroundings. Christos has lived and worked in Germany, Portugal and Greece and speaks multiple languages, he has a passion for dogs and making cakes.  He loves to simplify complicated tasks in a pedagogical way.

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Sheetal Palav

Team member

Affiliation: Truecaller

Sheetal is a digital marketer with 4 years of experience and has managed 40 different brands. She has a Bachelor in Management Studies from Mumbai University and a Master of Arts in Marketing from Mod'Art International, Paris. Prior to relocating to Stockholm, she was working full time as a digital strategist for various startups in India.

Frieda Schmidt

Team member

Affiliation: Stockholm University

Frieda is a doctoral researcher in art history and anthropology. In her PhD project, she investigated the collecting process of Indigenous cultural material of Australia during the 19th and 20th century by applying a mixed-method design. She worked as a curatorial assistant at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in Perth and Caspar-David-Friedrich-Museum in Greifswald, Germany. Frieda is an exhibition guide with 5 years of experience and has conducted guided tours as well as workshops and guided city walks in both Germany and Australia.

Mei Li Heman

Team member

Affiliation: King

Mei Li is a bilingual storyteller and project manager with nearly a decade of professional experience in the entertainment industry. Credits include feature films, unscripted television series, digital content, commercials, and live theatre. She has an MFA in Entertainment Management & Producing from Columbia University and a BA in Business Administration. Mei Li combines skilled producing and fair management with clear communication, unparalleled organization skills, calm under pressure, and go-getter attitude. In a nutshell, she gets the job done.

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Anirban Dey

Team member

Affiliation: Karolinska Institutet

Anirban has worked in the field of English language publishing with specific focus on Adult and School English Language education, as well as Higher Academic titles. He started his career as an Assistant Editor with Cambridge University Press and left the organisation as a Commissioning Editor after working there for seven years. Following this, he worked at Next Education for a year, which allowed him to further build upon his core competencies, acquire managerial expertise and gain knowledge about the digital publishing landscape. 

Once they find full-time employment, Management Team members leave their position to another SDCN volunteer member, although they remain involved as advisers and occasional guests of the network.

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Theodoros Kolonas

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