Management team

The SDCN Management Team is volunteer-based and consists of a number of dedicated international professionals who are SDCN members themselves. Their main responsibility is to initiate social activities for the SDCN community and to contribute to the overall strategy and development of the network. The team members are recruited by Stockholm Academic Forum. Open positions are advertised on the SDCN website.

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Samantha Goos

Affiliation: Karolinska Institutet

Samantha is an imaginative, creative copywriter with 8+ years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing. Besides a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Samantha has a proven track record in online marketing, copywriting, SEO optimization and B2C publishing, plus possesses in-depth project management experience and organizational skills – and can handle deadlines like a boss.

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Sheetal Palav

Team member
Affiliation: Truecaller

Sheetal is a digital marketer with 4 years of experience and has managed 40 different brands. She has a Bachelor in Management Studies from Mumbai University and a Master of Arts in Marketing from Mod'Art International, Paris. Prior to relocating to Stockholm, she was working full time as a digital strategist for various startups in India.

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Anirban Dey

Team member
Affiliation: Karolinska Institutet

Anirban has worked in the field of English language publishing with specific focus on Adult and School English Language education, as well as Higher Academic titles. He started his career as an Assistant Editor with Cambridge University Press and left the organisation as a Commissioning Editor after working there for seven years. Following this, he worked at Next Education for a year, which allowed him to further build upon his core competencies, acquire managerial expertise and gain knowledge about the digital publishing landscape. 

Once they find full-time employment, Management Team members leave their position to another SDCN volunteer member, although they remain involved as advisers and occasional guests of the network.

Rebeca Matos

Now Financial Risk Analyst with Qliro

Surabhi Mishra

Surabhi Mishra

Now Delegate Manager at Copperberg

Esther Homer

Now HR Generalist at Ooyala

Sajit Thottahil Oomen

Sajit Thottathil Oommen

Now Scientist (Bioassays) at SOBI

Renzo Mendoza

Now employed at Northvolt

Melania Minoia

Melania Minoia

Now Post-Doctoral Researcher at Stockholm University

Laure Marcellesi

Now Project Manager at Staf-Stockholms Akademiska Forum

Eleni Paletsou

Now Global Mobility Junior Specialist at Klarna

Johanna Laurent

Johanna Laurent

Now Procurement Coordinator at InnoEnergy

Anna Semenova

Anna Semenova

Now Analytical Chemist at Northvolt

Theodoros Kolonas

Theodoros Kolonas

Now Wind & Site Engineer at OX 2

Frithjof Stöppler

Frithjof Stöppler

Ann Wong

Now Research and Outreach Manager at the Stockholm School of Economics' House of Innovations

Iveta Kaczarová

Iveta Kaczarová

Now enrolled in Korta Vägen programme

Bruna Daniel

Katalin Popovicsne Pongo

Now Resource Specialist at Stockholm International School

Wolfgang Suárez

Now employed at InContext

Hollie Adams Communication

Hollie Adams

Vinícius De Freitas Corrêa

Anna Horvath portrait

Anna Horvath

Now HR Analyst at ASSA ABLOY Group

Lili Wang

Vicente T. Sedano Núñez

Now postdoctoral fellow at Uppsala University

Stella Kiziridou

Aditi Asthana

Will Gastineau-Hills

Lenny Melziade

Elena Ng

Laura Bonetti

David Chen

Ananya Sadhu

Veronica Mesuraca

Olivia Downey

Anna Metreveli

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Laura Brembilla

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Peng Wu

A portrait of a woman

Chiara Zambarda

Meghna Anand