Management team

The SDCN Management Team is volunteer-based and consists of a number of dedicated international professionals who are SDCN members themselves. Their main responsibility is to initiate social activities for the SDCN community and to contribute to the overall strategy and development of the network. The team members are recruited by Stockholms Akademiska Forum. Open positions are advertised on the SDCN website.

Neela Latifian

Team member

Affiliation: KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Neela Latifian is a web developer and artist who combines her skills in art and engineering to create unique web experiences. She started her career as a photo-based artist, exhibiting her work in various international venues such as the Griffin Museum of Photography (US), the Davis Orton Gallery (US) and the hdk Valland. After moving to Sweden, she decided to pursue her passion for web development and enrolled in a Digital Media Creative program at Hyper Island. She has a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and a master's degree in Photography. When she is not coding or designing, she likes to explore the city and find inspiration for her new art projects. She also enjoys crafting and meeting new people.

Sujit Kootala

Team member

Affiliation: Karolinska Institutet

Sujit has a background in Chemistry, Life Sciences and Management from India, The United States and Sweden. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and a Masters in Industrial Engineering and Innovation from Uppsala University with several years of scientific experience in an academic setting. He moved to Sweden from the United States in 2010 to do his PhD and has never look back ever since. Sujit is a food chemist, entrepreneur and wine connoisseur amongst others. He is also an avid botanist dabbling in sustainable organic urban faming based out of Uppsala. He loves cycling , hiking and reading books in his spare time. He is passionate about educating and mentoring. He is also a history buff and can be surely spotted in history museums around town!

Once they find full-time employment, Management Team members leave their position to another SDCN volunteer member, although they remain involved as advisers and occasional guests of the network.