Did you move to Stockholm because your partner got a job here? You are not alone!

SDCN is a welcoming community and helpful resource for accompanying partners who want to establish themselves in Stockholm professionally and socially. At SDCN you will get comprehensive career support and connect with others experiencing similar situations.

To register as an SDCN member, your partner’s employer needs to be a partner organization. If you are interested in joining SDCN but your partner’s employer is not currently a partner organization, you are welcome to reach out to Sophia Wallin at sophia.wallin@staforum.se. We handle these requests on an individual basis.


SDCN members get access to:

SDCN Academy

A 5-week program where participants begin a personal and professional journey together, exploring the cultural and historical layers of Swedish society, while reflecting on who you are and your place within Stockholm’s vibrant eco-system and developing the practical skills and resources to successfully navigate recruitment processes and land a job.

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Co-Working Space & Drop-In Career Support every Tuesday

The SDCN Career Support is a co-working space where you can work on your CV, applications, cover letters, LinkedIn page, etc., alongside other members. This session is headed by someone from Stockholms Akademiska Forum, who will be able to answer your questions about the Swedish job market, or if not, refer you to someone who can. You can also get feedback on your application materials or practise for a job interview. You can choose to come to just one session, or several.

All our Career Support sessions can be found in the Event calendar.

Career events

On a regular basis, SDCN and its affiliates offers events on different career-related topics, such as LinkedIn workshops, interview training, networking, CV and cover letter writing etc.

Our career events can be found in the Event calendar.

Community events

The SDCN Management Team of volunteers, organizes a wide range of social gatherings, for both members and their families.

Our social and cultural events can be found in the Event calendar.

Individual Guidance Hour

During an Individual Guidance Hour, you will meet someone from the Stockholm Academic Forum team. You can ask any questions you have about Sweden, where to find information, how things work, discuss your career plan, translate something that doesn’t make sense, or just have a chat. If your questions are mainly related to your CV or cover letter, we suggest you first attend at least one Career Support Group session before you book an Individual Guidance Hour. Request an Individual Guidance Hour by sending an email to info@sdcn.se.