To register as an SDCN member, your partner’s employer has to be one of our partner organizations. All the 18 universities in Stockholm are part of SDCN through Stockholms Akademiska Forum.

Yes, the moment your partner has signed their contract with a partner organization, you’re eligible for an SDCN membership. We actively encourage new members to sign up as soon as possible, because connecting with us and other SDCN members through our different channels can provide useful answers to any questions about relocation.

Our partner organizations pay a yearly membership fee to Stockholms Akademiska Forum which runs SDCN. If you qualify for membership, you only have to fill out the registration form and choose the organization where your partner works. Once you have registered you will have access to all SDCN events and activities.

We actively encourage members to attend events, as these will help you broaden your professional and social network. You can also connect with like-minded expats in Stockholm. Nevertheless, most of our events have a limited number of seats and if you have signed up for an event which you won’t be able to attend, we want you to let us know as soon as possible, so we can give your seat to someone else.

By actively participating in the events and activities offered by SDCN, you will increase your chances of getting into the Swedish job market. Thanks to our SDCN Academy, Career Support Group, Swedish training and career events, you will get the opportunity to build your professional and social network in Stockholm.