Ace Your First Interview with Help from Truecaller


Ace Your First Interview with Help from Truecaller

March 8, 2019

How to prepare for an interview, ways to build one’s network, how to go about looking for work in an unknown job market, the perfect résumé –these are often-discussed topics at SDCN meet-ups. Yesterday’s workshop, March 7, hosted by Truecaller AB, gave us actionable answers to a lot of these questions.

The event started off with a brief introduction to Truecaller. This was followed by an informative session helmed by Peter who gave tips that one could use on LinkedIn to get noticed by prospective employers. He also made several recommendations on how to shape one’s résumé. Peter capped off his session by giving a brief numerical lowdown of the Stockholm job-market scenario. This was followed by Sarah and Aleksandra’s sessions, who narrated their own experiences of relocating to Sweden from other countries, and how they landed jobs by personal and professional networking through the various channels available.

The last session was a mock-interview round where we were put in groups of three – one played the role of an interviewee, while the others were the interviewers. We were encouraged to adopt a STAR-approach (situation, task, action, result) so that our responses would be more organised. The interviewers also gave feedback to the responses. This session gave us a little taste of an interview so that we would be better prepared when we face an actual one.

The various sessions at Truecaller this afternoon were both engaging and inspirational. We can now use the knowledge we acquired, in getting over our inhibitions and venturing out into the Swedish job-market with a lot more confidence.

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