Many of us come to Sweden with long, elaborate cv’s that are not very successful on the local job market. Try to condense your cv to a one-page document. All information that does not fit / belong on the cv should be on your LinkedIn profile, which your potential employer will check.

We provide some tips on how to do so in the attached template here with the recommendations we have heard most from hiring managers but there are of course many different formats. Unless you are applying to a position in a creative field, there is no need for a fancy, colorful cv. A simple, sensible document with all the relevant information is the norm here.

Put yourself in the shoes of a Swedish hiring manager, who may not or may not know English well, probably doesn’t know anything about your home work culture, doesn’t have an in-depth knowledge of your field, has less than 30 seconds to decide whether to call you for an interview or move your cv up to the next level. So make life easy for them by being clear and concise!

Posted November 15, 2018

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