Swedish Language Café

Are you just starting to learn Swedish but could do with some more practice?

If your answer is yes, then the SDCN Language Café is exactly what you need! These sessions are for SDCN members who would like to practise Swedish together with other members in an informal setting where the focus is on speaking without worry of making mistakes. This is an engaging experience that promises to get you talking!

What to expect from a SDCN Language Café session?

The SDCN Language Café is a place to meet and learn the language by talking, listening and practising, with the help of our excellent language coaches from Swedish for Professionals. The language coaches give you all the support you need to speak, in terms of resources, quick tips and continuous monitoring. You learn Swedish through group activities, quizzes, online and offline games, songs, videos and other fun methods – never a dull moment, as you can imagine!

You are just as welcome if you are a complete beginner as if you have studied Swedish for a while. The language coaches do their best to adjust each session according to the levels of Swedish of the participants. There are also a few sessions during the term that is focused on beginners.

Please note that there is a limit of 15 participants for each session.

Please register no later than 09.00 the same day. 

Event details:

26 January 2023

13.30– 15.00

Narvavägen 30

Learn Swedish