Stockholms Akademiska Forum proudly presents

Honorary SDCN Members

Honorary Memberships are granted to individuals who have provided a distinct contribution to SDCN, whether as an active member of the network or important partner through our strategic vision or programming.

Honorary SDCN Members

Per Bengtsson, former University Director at Karolinska Institutet, identified a collective gap in Swedish universities’ approach to talent retention since too many highly qualified scholars left the country prematurely. This led to his urgent support of the cause of both international talents and their partners having an equal access to opportunities in Sweden, for them to make a sustained contribution. This was the fundamental premise which served as the inspiration behind the beginning of SDCN’s journey and shaped the ethos of the network.

Laure Marcellesi was one of the founding members of SDCN, and was instrumental in the development of the network. Leveraging her stellar academic background and people-centric organizational acumen, Laure facilitated volunteer engagement, put together events and helped members in various capacities, during her time with SDCN. The weekly career support session is also one of her enduring contributions to SDCN.

Frithjof Stöppler

Frithjof Stöppler has been a steadfast pillar of support to SDCN right from its genesis in 2015, not to mention his tenure as the President of the SDCN Management Team for three and a half solid years. A complete people’s person through and through, Frithjof touched numerous lives during his stewardship of SDCN and continues to be an important part of the network.

Jenny Harler is a heady concoction of humanist, CEO, PR veteran, communication expert, and among many other things, germinated the very idea of the SDCN International Talent of the Year Award. She has been a consistent friend to SDCN for several years and has enriched the network with various inputs.