Python Automation Workshop

Python Automation Workshop

December 11, 2018

Digital technology is changing everyday life in Sweden and provides many career opportunities for those seeking jobs. Among the most popular programming languages, Python is emerging as a front runner. Recognising that training in Python will help our members develop a highly sought-after hard skill in the Swedish job market, a two-day hands-on workshop was organised at SDCN on 1st and 2nd December 2018.

We would like to thank Dennis Hedlund, software engineer at Klarna, who designed and delivered the workshop. He helped each and every member individually and patiently to grasp the basic concepts of Python coding. The workshop was designed for beginners and well as advanced learners. Our members were challenged to think creatively and logically to solve exclusive problems using Python codes. The workshop was the first of its kind at SDCN and was a great success.

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