Recruitment event with KING

Recruitment event with KING

November 30, 2018

The recruitment event with King was SWEETER than we expected! Over a productive 2-hour workshop, our SDCN members were ROYALLY introduced to the KINGDOM, with an introduction to the history of King, and valuable tips to hunt for jobs in Sweden – all while being served some TASTY snacks & nibbles with free booze!

Through a series of MAGICAL round-robins led by King’s talent specialists, participants were BEWITCHED by golden tips on getting hired, and, among others, (i) understanding King’s recruitment process and main elements King seeks in a potential candidate; (ii) creating an eye-catching CV and LinkedIn profile; (iii) finding out about the best practices for job interviews; and (iv) looking into relevant sources for a job search and types of employment contracts in Sweden.

It was an ENCHANTING session for our SDCN members who, by end of the day, brought home with them more than just THAT SWEET FEELING!

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