SDCN Choir: A Harmonious Blend of Musical Traditions and Global Unity

SDCN members have proudly initiated a choir that resonates with the diverse musical heritage each member brings from their respective countries. Leveraging Sweden’s strong tradition of choral singing and our collective immigrant identity, the SDCN Choir has emerged as a harmonious blend of musical passion and cultural richness.

Our repertoire is a symphony of contemporary choir songs, each imbued with universally appealing melodies that echo a sense of global unity. Alongside these, we also perform a variety of indigenous music, each piece a tribute to local traditions sung in our original languages.

Rehearsals take place every Thursday at 18:30 at the historic Högalid Church, offering you the opportunity to refine your vocal talents while partaking in a cherished Swedish pastime.

Join us and experience the exhilaration of singing with a group of lovely people who share not just a love for music, but also a commitment to promoting and celebrating cultural diversity.

We are open to all members of Stockholm Dual Career Network. Whether you’re a seasoned singer with a wealth of experience or an enthusiastic beginner keen to explore your musical potential, we offer a warm, welcoming space where you can celebrate the musical traditions that bind us all.

To join the choir, please send an email to with your name and a brief overview of your musical background. 

Zhanyi Xing, Choir Director

Julia Miller, Vocal Coach