Stockholms Akademiska Forum proudly presents

The SDCN International
Talent of the Year Award

The SDCN International Talent of the Year Award recognizes an exceptional member of SDCN and honors them for their professional achievements in Stockholm, their active participation in the network’s events, their drive and determination in pursuing opportunities, and for easing into the social milieu of Sweden.


Award Winner


Pouya, from Iran, moved to Stockholm in August 2021, enthusiastic and motivated to begin a new chapter in life. His ambition to settle into society by finding a job as soon as possible presented him a difficulty path, but an internship via Jobbsprånget ultimately helped him break into the Swedish labor market. Pouya’s determination and dedication in everything he undertakes has inspired all of us and he continues to generously share his experience and insights with SDCN members. You will now find him working to electrify mobility as a Mechanical Development Engineer at Northvolt.

Puck, from the Netherlands, arrived in Stockholm in 2019 after living in Australia for three years. Puck’s warm-hearted optimism, reliability, and adaptability shine through in all that she does. An active member of SDCN, she also served as a dedicated President of the Management team. After immersing herself in the Swedish language and courageously pivoting in her career path, Puck now applies her background and skillset as a Data Scientist at Telia.

Heshan grew up in Sri Lanka but moved to Stockholm after a stint abroad in Germany and France. Trained in Polymer Science and Technology, Heshan looked to enter the Swedish job market with courage and determination. While on the hunt for a job, he worked in the hospitality industry and still even managed to participate in SDCN events. Heshan joined Northvolt in September as a Quality Control Technician.

Magda moved to Stockholm last year from Spain. Equipped with an interesting background in hospitality, psychology, and pedagogy, she set out on the journey to continue her career in Sweden. Combined with her sunny personality and willingness to always help, she is a natural fit to help contribute to people and culture teams. Even after landing a job, she has remained very active in SDCN. Magda never hesitates to share work tips and advice with other members on our Whatsapp group and LinkedIn. Magda currently works as an Administrator at Lernia.


Award Winner

Swetha Dua

Swetha Dua, from India, is a whirlwind of energy and drive. Unfazed by the limiting circumstances during the pandemic, Swetha eagerly took to the grind and turned every half-chance into a win! She was an active member of SDCN, and peppered the Career Support Group with her questions. A project manager and team leader with years of experience, Swetha changed track to get into the Swedish job market, signing up for the Stockholmsmentor program, which led to an internship via Jobbsprånget, and finally her present role as Project Manager at Avanade.


Mei Li Heman, a resident of Brazil and USA, might as well have ‘tenacity’ as her middle name. When her rich experience as producer and project manager in the entertainment and advertising industries of New York took some time in translating to job opportunities in Stockholm, Mei Li soldiered on with perseverance. A member of the SDCN Management Team and producer of several SDCN films, she grabbed onto every opportunity that came her way. After a few short gigs, she eventually found a role as a full-time Producer at the advertising agency, B-Reel.

Lucione Rabelo, from Brazil, has a background in sales and customer support. A natural relationship-builder, Lucione’s ‘people skills’ held him in good stead while settling down in Stockholm. He immediately became a regular face at the SDCN Career Support Group and professional events, and showed exceptional drive in adapting to available opportunities. His determination in diving into the Swedish job market soon paid dividends as he found a role as Senior Sales Account Executive at ChainTraced where he is presently working.     

Melis Aktas, from Australia, is a researcher in Clinical Psychology, an English teacher, and an HR professional all rolled into one! Melis was also President of the SDCN Management Team for almost a year. During her time with SDCN, Melis took initiative and conducted many much-appreciated workshops about mental health and training for interviews, her warm personality leaving an impression on everyone who met her. It was only a matter of time that Melis landed an internship with Northvolt, which then got her a full-time role of HRIS Coordinator with them.     


Award Winner