"I think the most important component, though, was positivity. I can’t count the days I might have given up hope of getting anything I found interesting (or anything at all), but this really is a SUPPORT group in that sense. I owe many thanks to the people who were a part of that support."

Olivia Downey, International Officer EIT Digital, KTH

"SDCN is a support group in the true sense and even after having landed a job fairly quickly, I would like to continue being part of the community to support others in any way I can.''

Vidya Singh, Impact People & Culture Manager, BuddyCompany.com

"I will always be grateful for having joined SDCN. I met many people, learned many things, mainly how to have a good CV and cover letter, Swedish culture and a lot more. You all are doing a very great job by helping and supporting people like me.''

Hema Jayachandran, full-time position, Schibsted

"SDCN was the first place I ever visited where I could interact with diverse and beautiful personalities after coming here. Suddenly networking started to become fun with the amazingly organised sessions on career guidance, swedish leasons, swedish job market & work culture and many more.''

Pallavi Kulkarni, Product Configuration Engineer, Alfa Laval

"SDCN helped me to improve my resume and cover letter according to Swedish standards, gained job hunting skills, acquired LinkedIn profile update skills, interview-facing skills, and Swedish language proficiency through the language café while making a great network with people who have diverse cultural backgrounds.''

Heshan Perera, Quality Control Technician, Northvolt

"The SDCN has given me the necessary tools to be able to make my way in this new city and culture, and to be able to establish myself for example: from the job search, as well as to study the Swedish Language.''

Magda Tuset, Administrator, Lernia

"Above all, SDCN helped me above all with enduring the long period of unemployment, belonging to a community, making friends and enjoying life. SDCN also allowed me to improve my Swedish!"

Vinícius De Freitas Corrêa, Language Coach, Stockholm Universtity

'Moving to a new country is never easy however after attending this fall's kick-off at SDCN and learning about the fellow members' experience and how they overcame their difficulties to find a job or make friendships, I started to see things from another perspective. SDCN is an extremely supportive community where members are about to help each other. Becoming a member is one of the best things that could happen to me after moving.''

Flóra Katona, Business Support Associate, TEKsystems