"I got fresh perspectives on how to apply for jobs and learned how approach employers in an effective way. I got personal guidance and feedback on my CV and cover letters in the weekly Career Support Group. I encourage you to go to events, join professional forums, and talk to people about your job search. That’s one of the great tips I got at SDCN, and that’s what got me my current job in Stockholm. Last but not least, SDCN became like a family to me."

Eugen Azcoaga, UX design consultant, Valtech

SDCN helped me to "tune in" my CV to Swedish viewers. My CV was tailored for the US, where you have a very different approach than here. It was also very important to meet new people and network. I still hang out with friends I made during SDCN activities. In my opinion, the SDCN team does an amazing job. It made a big difference!

Juliana Ortlieb Luz, Project Manager, Engineering Consulting Firm

"I believe that being a member of  SDCN's management team was what helped me the most, by gaining experience in working within a Swedish setting. It was important to be able to refer to this experience when looking for opportunities in Stockholm."

Theodoros Kolonas, Wind and Turbine Performance engineer, OX2 Wind

"SDCN helped me when I'd really felt like giving up. I totally revamped my CV after getting advice during career group and I got the interview after that. I then booked a guidance hour with SDCN which was really helpful to prepare for my first proper interview in Sweden."

Carrie Greenwood, Archive Assistant at Hagströmer Bibliotek (Karolinska Institutet)

"Above all, SDCN helped me above all with enduring the long period of unemployment, belonging to a community, making friends and enjoying life. SDCN also allowed me to improve my Swedish!"

Vinícius De Freitas Corrêa, Language Coach, Stockholm Universtity

"The professional events allowed me to meet people and their stories motivated me to move forward. The career support group helped me to understand how to look for a job and how things work here in Sweden. And the most important part, the guidance hour, helped me to improve my CV and cover letter and gave me tips for interviews."

Gloria Cecilia Morales Londono, Frontend Developer

“Staf and the SDCN network have considerably helped boost my confidence, acquire new skills, and understand how things work in Sweden. Additionally, all the knowledge I received from the events organized were of great importance to me and my growth.”

Pola Papadopoulou, Education Program Coordinator, Spotify

 "SDCN is a very positive environment and it helped me understand how things work in Stockholm and in Sweden. It is wonderful to meet people who are in a similar situation and experience how they support each other."

Laura Brembilla, Key Account Manager

"I have been to several SDCN events, E.G, how to pitch yourself in an interview, what can I do to improve my LinkedIn profile, etc and found them useful. The networking environment especially here in Sweden is so different to my home country's (Germany), and it is a huge challenge to get used to. These networking events helped me to adapt and feel more comfortable in getting to know the culture."

Kristin Lüking, Key Account Manager, Potentialpark

 "I know it's difficult and some days feels depressing, but use your time wisely. Take the Swedish course for beginners that SDCN provides, online courses to improve your skills, brush up on your CV, or do some volunteering work. All of these things can help you to get to know more people, widen your friendship circle and make your life in Stockholm much easier. And believe me, the hard work will pay off."

Carolina Oses S, Research Engineer in Cell Profiling Facility of the Human Protein Atlas (HPA), SciLifeLab

"SDCN was extremely helpful during my job seeking process. I went regularly to the Career Support group on Tuesdays where I made adjustments to my CV and application for the Swedish job market. I also did my best to participate in more professional events. I learnt how to improve my LinkedIn profile (which is extremely important in Sweden) and how best to go through a Swedish job interview, to mention a few examples. I made friends with other SDCN members and they shared experiences that motivated me to go through the process of finding a job."

Chiara Zambarda, Post Doctoral Researcher, SciFiLab

"I think the most important component, though, was positivity. I can’t count the days I might have given up hope of getting anything I found interesting (or anything at all), but this really is a SUPPORT group in that sense. I owe many thanks to the people who were a part of that support."

Olivia Downey, International Officer EIT Digital, KTH

“There was a time when my partner had to choose from two job offers: one of them being Truecaller, Stockholm and another one from Canada. We spent days jotting down pros and cons for both. But there was one deciding factor to opt for Sweden and that was SDCN. We were worried about restarting my career in a new region and SDCN is something that would be really beneficial for personal and professional growth in Stockholm. And here we are now!”

Sheetal Palav, Marketing Manager

“SDCN really was a lifeline for me, and it was through this network that I was able to get my first real employment. Most of all, I will cherish the friends I’ve made with my fellow SDCN members for the rest of my time in Sweden as well as wherever I will find myself next!”

Peng Wu, Program Director Research, Stellar Capacity

“I valued the consistency of the peer-support at SDCN and the space in which to network and share ideas with other professionals. The social events such as the monthly fika and Lucia celebration were also a great way to make new friends.”

Jessica Huff, Senior Credit Underwriting Analyst

"SDCN helped me to find new friends and feel truly welcome in these first months. I found career support groups and seminars especially helpful in order to get an overview of the new job market. The most memorable one was probably the 2021 Spring Kick-Off event. I’m forever grateful to SDCN management and its members for all the kind support and guidance I got!"

Veronica Kantsevaya, Customer Service Coordinator

"I learned a lot from SDCN events like job interview preparation (this one in particular was very helpful). You have been bringing great professionals to support the members with important matters. SCDN has helped and guided me immensely in the right direction. You also helped me to meet people and network. I am so happy to be in the Stockholm Mentorship Program. It is awesome to have someone to share experiences and ideas. "

Lucione Rabelo, Sales Executive

"I wanted to thank you and let you know how valuable it has been for me to be a part of SDCN and to have access to many such amazing platforms where all of you are consistently working towards integration and inclusion in a new country for people moving to Sweden. Thank you! "

Swetha Dua, Project Manager